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Auric by Zenith Drinks Private Limited
Auric is a Beauty & Wellness brand based on Ayurveda, Plant-Based ancient science from India. It is a digital first, D2C brand with presence in India & US. Natural, Low calories beverages is the first...
Boston Iced Tea Co. by Boston Iced Tea Company
Real, organic, functional ready-to-drink iced teas, infused with a 300mg proprietary blend of 9 medicinal mushroom extracts (odorless, tasteless), selected for their immune system support and overall ...
Dewdrop by Dewdrop, Inc.
Elements by Lokai by Elements LLC
Your body knows when it's off balance. Give it what it needs. Functional wellness drinks made with adaptogens. Dropping May 14th 2019
Herbert by Herbert Labs
Miraflora Hemp Infusions by Miraflora Naturals
Proposition Cocktail Co. by Proposition Cocktail Co.
The future of drinking; healthy alternatives to alcohol powered by feel good plants.
Unity by Unity Wellness Co.
Yuno by Food to Heal, Inc.
We connect the world's spices, herbs, and superfoods and it influences toward experiences. Our first release is a superfood-based rendition of the energy drink.

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