Official Brand Overview

Generosity Beverages, Inc. (“Generosity™ ”) is a premium alkaline bottled water company. Generosity™ sells and markets high-quality, ionic alkaline 10 pH water under the brand name Generosity™. Generosity™ uses a proprietary sourcing, purification, and ionization process to produce a stable 10pH alkaline water product. Besides providing the highest-quality alkaline water, Generosity™ actively promotes its “Drink. Live. Give Generously” global clean water initiative. Through its global initiative, Generosity™ Water donates a portion of each sale to aid the clean water crisis in developing countries and to make a positive impact on the lives of human beings in developing countries. Generosity™ plans to become the next category disruptor in the fast-growing premium water market. Over the past 10 years, the global bottled water market has grown to overshadow all other beverage. Generosity™ Water has positioned itself at the high end of the bottled water category by providing the highest-quality alkaline water with a stable pH level of 10.0 which can only be derived from proprietary sourcing and a rigorously regulated process – while delivering its water in a beautifully designed, innovative and aesthetically pleasing bottle. Increased health awareness and a growing interest in optimal hydration and body acid neutralization have propelled alkaline water to become one of the top-selling water categories in the US. Generosity™ Water is available throughout Southern California – from grocers, specialty retailers, restaurants, and hotels. Since launching its distribution campaign in 2016, Generosity™ Water has grown rapidly. Generosity™ Water plans to become the next category disruptor in the fast-growing premium water market. With its unique and health-focused premium alkaline water brand, supported by its “Drink. Live. Give Generously” global initiative. Generosity™ is driven by two core values Generous to your Health and Generous to People. Generosity™ Water will always be committed to offering the highest quality alkaline water on the market as well as a give back initiative that for every bottle purchased two people get clean water for a month.

Current product lineup