Golazo Natural Sports Fuel: Mandarin - Hydration

by Golazo LLC

This brand is no longer available

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Sports Drinks: Sports Drink


20 Oz Plastic

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Review: Mandarin - Hydration

Posted: May 04, 2015 at 2:29 PM (Last Updated: Jul 08, 2015 at 9:31 AM)
Mandarin, which was was formerly known as Mandarina, is Golazo’s version of a classic orange sports drink. As with its predecessor, the orange flavor is pleasant and there’s a note of coconut water to it. The product finishes up with a slightly salty finish, which is probably from a combination of the sea salt and the coconut water. It’s pleasant tasting and any sports drink fan could pick it up and enjoy it, even if they aren’t overly fond of coconut water. Nutritionally, the product has 130 calories, 125mg of sodium, 115mg of potassium, and 33g of sugars. On the packaging front, the product comes in a 20 oz. PET bottle, which is exactly what it has been in since its inception. However, Golazo has updated the logo and branding. Out are the remnants of the soccer theme and in are more polished and modern looking graphics. Even the messaging, which is bolstered by the presence of the USDA Organic seal, feels more cohesive than prior efforts. Focusing on hydration and “natural sports fuel” is a nice way of saying "sports drink" without actually saying it. Overall, we like this latest rendition.