HiOsilver Oxygen Water

by Hiosilver

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

We start with an excellent quality natural spring water from Adobe Springs, located on the eastern slope of Mount Hamilton in Northern California. Adobe Springs water is rich in magnesium, beneficial for cardiovascular health and your health in general. The pH is slightly alkaline, at 8.4. Then we add pure oxygen, approximately 60 mg/l, or 10 times the amount in typical water. To keep this oxygen in the bottle, we only use glass bottles. You can see small bubbles form in the bottle after it is opened, especially if you shake the bottle gently. With other oxygenated beverages you will see very few bubbles. Others bottle their oxygenated water in plastic and the oxygen leaks out through the plastic. We do not know all of the benefits of drinking hiOsilver Oxygen Water. Many people report that they feel energized after a bottle. Studies have been done showing enhanced sports performance for athletes drinking oxygenated water. With hiOsilver, many people report that their headaches disappear, even migraine headaches. Oxygen inhibits the bad (anaerobic) bacteria in your mouth. Anaerobic bacteria in your mouth are responsible for bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. U.S. Patent 5,747,079