J1 Aloe Juice

by Jayone Foods, Inc.


Official Brand Overview

Aloe juice, which has many health benefits--- http://www.aloe-vera.org/top_10_reasons_to_use_aloe_vera.htm, is growing fast among health food stores and also it is slowly being sold at retail stores. Our J1 Aloe Pulp Juice taste good; it won the Superior Taste Award in Europe 2008 by Sommeliers. It is being used in cocktail drinks in many restaurants. Long Tail Libations, a subsidiary of Anheuser Bush, is using the J1 Aloe Juice to make one of their cocktails, Aloe There. http://www.purusvodka.com/pdfs/aloethere.pdf Drink a healthy J1 Aloe Drink that tastes good.

Current product lineup

This brand has no products