Official Brand Overview

Metromint is mintwater, pure and simple. The all natural combination of pure water and real mint has a unique cooling sensation that relieves your thirst, soothes your body, and revives your soul. No sweeteners. No calories. No preservatives. Nothing but all natural ingredients and a surprisingly vibrant taste. Take one sip and experience the cooling sensation you can get only from the real mint in Metromint. The mint's essential oils naturally stimulate the brain to send cooling sensations throughout your body. We call this cooling sensation "The Chill Factor." Metromint is now available in six distinct varieties: original Peppermint, subtle Spearmint, tangy Lemonmint, citrusy Orangemint; rich Chocolatemint and new, bold Cherrymint. All members of the Metromint family contain no sweeteners, no preservatives, and no calories. Nothing but all-natural ingredients and a surprisingly vibrant taste. Great taste, award-winning packaging and multifaceted marketing support sure to drive retail sales. For more information call 415-979-0781 or visit us online:

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