Mission Root: Tulsi and Organic Ginger Root

by MissionRoot LLC

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Tea: Sweetened


12oz Glass Bottle

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Review: Tulsi and Organic Ginger Root

Posted: Sep 18, 2012 at 1:02 PM (Last Updated: Sep 25, 2012 at 1:13 PM)
Mission Root’s Tulsi is, like their other flavors, an herbal tea that is sweetened with blue agave and enhanced with fresh pressed organic ginger. From a flavor perspective, this product isn’t that far off from their Hibiscus formulation. The “tea” flavor isn’t that far off from real tea, but there’s a slight floral note to it. Given the emphasis that they’ve placed on ginger on the label, we were honestly somewhat surprised to find that the drink isn’t spicy or ginger flavored. On the sweetness front, the blue agave makes it sweet enough that it could definitely appeal to the masses. Visually, they’ve created something that looks very strong out of the gate, with a clean and attractive label design. The branding, paired with the shape of the 12 oz. bottle and the color of the liquid, make it pretty easy to identify this as a tea (although the word “tea” might help it along more). We’re not really sold on the phrase “ayurvedic refreshment,” which makes it sound more like a functional beverage. Emphasizing its lack of caffeine might be a more marketable piece of information to move to the front of the label. Overall, Mission Root Tulsi is a very enjoyable product. It’s even more impressive that this is their first effort.