SoBe Mr. Green Soda

by SoBe Beverages

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

There's a new lizard in town, and his name is Mr. Green. He's the fun, cool lizard that embodies the spirit of SoBe Beverages, and his new namesake soda is scheduled to hit store shelves in May 2002. Mr. Green Soda Pop is SoBe's first carbonated beverage, and it's loaded with attitude, energy and a taste soft drink fans will love. Mr. Green will be supported by an aggressive grassroots marketing campaign. Mr. Green features a delicious blend of flavors, and is enhanced with ginseng to give it an extra lift. The soda pop also has a unique "discovery aspect" that sets it apart from other flavored soft drinks on the market. It will be available in 20 oz. and 1 liter bottles at launch, and it will have a unique brand positioning in the marketplace.