New Orleans Nectar Soda

by The Nectar Soda Company

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

A DELICIOUS TRADITION In the late 1800's, local druggists concocted various recipes for medicines, lotions, tonics, powders and even beverages. New Orleans Nectar Soda® was one of those delicious creations that became popular in the New Orleans area at that time. “Nectar” comes from the Greek word meaning “drink of the gods”. It was the specialty of the soda fountains of corner drugstores, notably, at K & B Drugstores. Traditionally, New Orleans Nectar Soda® is served as a soda, as a cream soda or as an ice cream soda. Our original blend of premium natural almond and vanilla flavors is “out of this world”. Enjoy this fun and fizzy flavor! Our amber glass packaging helps retain the integrity of the soda's natural flavor components.