KIK-it Energy Drink

by OC Energy

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

The idea behind the OC Energy drink line is simple: to capture the essence of the Southern California lifestyle with a line of stylish drinks that are healthier, perform well and taste great. An energy drink should fit the lifestyle of the customer, not the other way around. While other energy drinks offer hours of extreme jittery energy, we propose that the average consumer wants a smoother energy option, without the crash. OC energy drinks have no carbonation, so you can re-hydrate and energize without the bloating that comes with carbonated drinks. OC Energy shot has a new flavor that sets the benchmark for taste. It delivers lasting SMOOTH energy, with "0" sugar, "0" carbs and "0" calories. One try and you will realize what an energy shot should taste like. With the added benefit of a hangover remedy, you can enjoy a night out, without paying the price the next morning. OC energy - "rethink energy"


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