Oogavé Natural Soda

by Oogave Natural Sodas

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Official Brand Overview

Oogavé is the first soda to be sweetened with 100% organic agave nectar. Not only is this a fantastic sweetener, but the garbage found in traditional sodas has been removed. Artificial flavors, artificial colors, salt and preservatives such as sodium benzoate are not used. Oogavé only has four principal ingredients: Agave nectar, carbonated water, citric acid, and natural flavors/colors . . . nothing that cannot be found in nature. We offer a soda the way mother nature intended. The product was conceived in the first organic restaurant in Denver. We wanted to offer all-natural sodas in a fountain form but there was no such thing. The national brand of "natural sodas" that offered bag-in-box for fountains was made with high fructose corn syrup. After three months of experimenting and many, many recipes, we came upon formulas for totally natural sodas that would work in a fountain. Oogavé is now also available in four-packs of glass bottles at major natural foods retailers around the country. Oogavé was designed to appeal not only to the health- and body-conscious, but to people who just want something good to drink. Of course it has less sugar, and of course it has a very low glycemic index, but most important, it tastes great. The complex honey-like flavor of agave nectar lends itself to every variety we produce. All the flavor. All the fun. None of the junk.

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