Official Brand Overview

Oxygen water - OXYLIFE WATER – is source of energy and vitality. Thanks to patented technology, the OXYLIFE WATER stable oxygen content is 90 mg/l. Water is the most important element of food and oxygen is the elixir of life. H2O + O2 is the most important combination for the human organism. It is no secret nowadays for anybody that water that is high in oxygen benefits the human organism and oxygen boosts the condition of the whole body. It is proved by scientific surveys that usage of water with higher volume of oxygen leads to higher volume of oxygen in blood, thus improving the digestion processes and decreasing the heartbeat frequency. When using the oxygen water regularly, the improved health condition is experienced almost immediately. It is caused by more effective supply of oxygen to cells and tissues. OXYLIFE WATER is suitable for sportsmen, for young and elder people, for people adhere to healthy lifestyle and for those who need more energy. OXYLIFE WATER will give you good feeling and health!

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