Plasma Energy

by D-Plasma Corp

Official Brand Overview

Made with the highest possible premium ingredients, Plasma Energy was especially designed for the health conscious energy drinker and is currently one of the most functional beverages in the world. Plasma contains No Taurine, which is in most other energy drinks. The latest research has shown that Taurine inhibits, rather than stimulates brain activity. Plasma uses Cane Sugar vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup and utilizes a proprietary blend that helps with liver protection, digestion and weight loss. Eat a lot of fish and sushi? Our Zeolite rips the Mercury out of your body and allows you to excrete it safely. Overall, Plasma energy was designed to be healthier and allows you to recover faster than other energy drinks on the market. Plasma Energy currently consists of 2 delicious varieties, Fusion and Low Carb.

Current product lineup