Power Horse Energy Drink

by PH USA, Inc.


Official Brand Overview

Power Horse Energy Drink has been developed, produced and exported by Austria’s 150 year old food and beverage giant, S. Spitz Company, since 1994. In order to ensure professional and differentiated brand management of Power Horse Energy Drink in a U.S. market currently overloaded with competing energy drink ‘copycats’, S. Spitz has formed a dedicated U.S. subsidiary (PH USA, Inc) to provide the resources and support to distributors and retailers nationwide to guarantee a successful introduction of Power Horse to U.S. consumers.

Power Horse is a top selling energy drink in many international markets, it is now time for us to expand distribution within the United States with the right partners. PH USA is seeking to engage with regional distributors to whom we will provide territorial exclusivity, sharply competitive pricing to other energy drinks, a full line of consumer and retail POS/merchandise materials and a product that is differentiated both in taste and packaging. Based in San Francisco, we are a professionally managed organization offering excellent logistics and marketing capabilities, including well developed distributor support programs. Power Horse is available in 8.5 oz. (250 ml) cans and bottles.

Current product lineup