Official Brand Overview

POZE is a Bold Protein Green Tea. POZE only uses whey protein isolate; no blends. With this high quality protein, along with all the known benefits that green tea posses, the brand does much more than deliver your daily protein needs. POZE has various vitimans and minerals, zero sugar, carbs at a minimum, along with zero fat and zero cholesterol. The product also has naturally occuring energy ( derived from the green tea) and gives the consumer a sustained energetic feeling. A 20 oz serving has 180 calories and an aggresive 40 grams of WPI. It can be consumed at any time during the day and also immedietly after working out for the purpose of rehydration, due to the fact that it is not in the form of a shake. The brand will launch mid to late September; retail will be $3.59 - $3.99 POZE will be launched initially in NY, NJ, PA, and move forward soon after.

Current product lineup

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