Purpose Purple Tea

by Purpose Tea

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Official Brand Overview

Purpose Tea, a purple tea beverage company that produces globally sourced, artisanal teas, rich in benefits and delightful to drink. But there’s more to Purpose than tea. Our driving force is to encourage and empower consumers to make a meaningful difference in the world through simple, everyday purchases. Our vision is to create a world where business drives a more just and equitable society. Open goodness with every bottle. GOOD HEALTH A unique variety of tea, purple tea gets its purple color from anthocyanins, a free-radical fighting antioxidant. Studies have shown that purple tea has more antioxidant activity than green or black tea. We’re delighted to source this supertea to bring you all its goodness. GOOD TASTE Earthy, mild and with fruit undertones, our beverage is real brewed tea, lightly sweetened and never from concentrate. GOOD WORLD Our purpose extends beyond creating healthy and delicious tea beverages. We reach as far as the small tea farms where our mission is to lift from poverty some of the world’s most impoverished women. Giving these female tea pickers the opportunity for economic empowerment so they can improve their lives is the driving force behind Purpose Tea.

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