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Quinoa (Keen'wa) has such dramatic health potential that many organizations including the United Nations World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences are exploring its incredible properties. Quinoa Gold is a unique, patented, highly nutritional Quinoa beverage made from 100% organic Quinoa - a seed/grain known and treasured for thousands of years by the Ancient Inca civilization and the people of South America. Today Quinoa is considered a "Super Grain" or "Super Food" because of its complete protein content, as well as other remarkable nutritional and antioxidant qualities. The "Ancient Incas" understood the Quinoa grain to be sacred. They considered Quinoa holy and a source providing the warriors with almost super-human powers. It was literally worshipped! The invading Spanish Conquistadors quickly understood the powers of this ancient Quinoa grain and forbid the Incas to grow or use Quinoa. The penalty, if caught, was often death! After a relatively short time, Quinoa disappeared from cultivation, and only tiny patches of Quinoa survived in the wildest regions.

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