Resurrection Anti-Hangover

by FPE, Inc

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Official Brand Overview

Resurrection is the first ever PreTox Beverage with a proprietary herbal compound that helps eliminate the processes that cause a hangover. Resurrection has no caffeine and only 50 calories per can and should be consumed before or while you are drinking alcohol. Resurrection makes an excellent mixer due to its outstanding flavor profile. Resurrection’s process for assisting the body and reducing the effects of an alcohol induced hangover are the key to its functionality. Alcohol is toxic to the body because of Cogeners and the metabolism of alcohol itself. As the body rids itself of alcohol, it produces inflammatory Cytokines which are chemicals that create flu like effects on the body’s tissues and are responsible for headache and nausea symptoms. The proprietary herbal blend in Resurrection helps prevent the formation of these free radicals that produce Cytokines, By acting as a powerful herbal antioxidant. This process of reducing the formation of these Cytokines eliminates the process of a hangover from developing. Resurrection is an extremely healthy beverage with its blend of vitamins and antioxidants from the proprietary herbal blend. This combination delivers a healthy beverage that has the function benefit if consumed before or with alcohol you will not get a hangover..We Guarantee It... “ make it your first drink of the night"

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