Rockstar Relax: Rockstar Relax

by Rockstar, Inc.

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Functional: Relaxation Drink


16 oz Can

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Review: Rockstar Relax

Posted: Feb 28, 2012 at 9:34 AM (Last Updated: Mar 06, 2012 at 12:01 PM)
Relax is Rockstar’s first entry into the relaxation category. Relax is a non-carbonated product that is “tropical guava” flavored and enhanced with rooibos tea extract, passion flower extract, rosehips extract, L-theanine, and chamomile flower extract. From a flavor perspective, the product is, at least as far as sugar free beverages go, flavorful and enjoyable. There’s a fairly noticeable acidic note, but the tropical fruit and tea flavors are definitely pleasing to the palate. It’s sweetened with ace-k and sucralose, which gives the product a fairly natural tasting sweetness, but there is a bit of an aftertaste (although it’s hard to say if this was influenced by the functional ingredients or not). Packaging uses a background that features the colors of the Jamaican flag (presumably for the “rasta” influence that is working for other brands in the category), while a retro style font has been applied to the “Relax” logo. While we’re not sure what the Jamaican colors add, we do like the retro style and wish that they had carried this throughout the design to create a look that clearly isn’t just another energy offering from the brand. Still, what they have created is quite good and we’d definitely pick this over other products that currently exist in the space. Definitely worth a try.