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Official Brand Overview

SEVA Maple Water is tapped directly from the majestic sugar maple trees of Quebec’s Laurentian Forest. With no added water, sugar or preservatives, the only ingredient in SEVA Maple Water is: 100% pure Canadian organic maple sap. Not to be confused with maple syrup, maple sap is the clear water that flows naturally out of sugar maple trees. It has a much more agreeable taste than coconut water and has half the sugar (5g per 250ml) and half the calories (20 cal per 250ml) per serving. It also contains over 46 bioactive nutrients, including phytonutrients unique to tree waters. These nutrients, including electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, help boost immune health, aid in the prevention of degenerative diseases and act as a pre-biotic to support digestive health. Beyond the health benefits, maple water has a delightfully refreshing taste, described as light and thirst-quenching with a hint of maple sweetness. Its smooth and revitalizing flavour will capture your taste buds! It can be consumed as-is, in cocktails or as a base for soups or marinades, and in baking. SEVA Maple Water is eco-friendly, certified organic and NAPSI Certified, guaranteeing its authenticity and purity among other high standards. It is now available at Whole Foods Market in Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada and Hawaii, across-Canada, in Europe and Asia Pacific.

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