Official Brand Overview

Known for its high-quality farm-fresh dairy products, Shamrock Farms is built on three unwavering principles – an innovative approach to business, unrelenting quality in people and products, and a commitment to community. While operations have grown, these basic principles and the company’s philosophy to “treat employees like family and customers like friends” remain constant. Shamrock Farms hosts its herd of traditional and organic cows at a state-of-the-art facility in Stanfield, Ariz., not far from its dairy processing plant. With the farm’s modern cow comforts and room for expansion, Shamrock Farms will be able to grow its herd of dairy cattle and continue its tradition of providing families with farm-fresh dairy products. And wherever Shamrock Farms delicious products go, not far behind is the company’s beloved “spokescow,” Roxie. The envy of cows everywhere, Roxie’s fun-loving and energetic nature is embodied through her colorful depiction on much of Shamrock Farms’ packaging – bringing a warm smile to adults and children alike.

Current product lineup