Sparkling Bitters

by FreshForward LLC

Official Brand Overview

Sparkling Bitters is a line of sparkling waters lightly flavored with tonic bitters. Made with premium, all-natural flavors. 0 sugar! 0 calories! What is Sparkling Bitters? It's a unique sparkling water lightly flavored with tonic bitters. It's refreshingly enjoyable. Made with premium, all-natural flavors and gentian root extract for a touch of bitterness. Sparkling Bitters is as revitalizing as it is delicious. It's uniquely functional. The bitter quality provides a host of well-documented health benefits including aiding digestion, curbing sugar cravings, relieving heartburn, supporting the liver and balancing appetite. It's invitingly healthy. Made with no sweeteners of any kind, nor anything artificial, Sparkling Bitters boasts zero grams of sugar and zero calories. It's a sparkling beverage you can feel good about drinking!

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