Official Brand Overview

Sportwater differentiates itself from other bottled water brands by calling attention to the number of electrolytes in each bottle AND by posting its alkalinity. Sportwater 330™ contains 330mg of electrolytes per 1 liter bottle and Sportwater 200™ contains 200mg of electrolytes per 20oz sport cap bottle. Our water has 5 times (or more) the electrolyte content of common electrolyte-enhanced waters. Sportwater is unique because our electrolyte formula is not just “for taste”. Whichever size you prefer to drink, Sportwater achieves a high pH content (pH8) referred to as “alkaline”. While electrolytes support the body's functions and systems, alkaline water can help achieve balance and wellness by reducing the body's acidity level. Sportwater achieves ph8 without the use of mysterious and complicated additives. Sportwater’s ingredients are easy to understand and there are no mysteries; just calcium, potassium and magnesium. Stay hydrated stay healthy™ and FINISH STRONG!!

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