Official Brand Overview

Sweet’tauk, named for its place of origin in Montauk, NY was founded in 2012 by Deborah Aiza to make the greatest tasting healthiest lemonades. Sweet’tauk is America’s first HPP, fresh squeezed, cold pressed lemonade and is available in Whole Foods Market and many fine retailers in the Northeast. “We have been drinking lemonade for over 100 years and we will be drinking it for the next 100 years.” says Aiza the founder. Sweet’tauk Lemonade is America’s first fresh squeezed, cold pressed, HPP lemonade. With half the sugar of other brands it is a low-sugar, low-calorie, Non-GMO, artisanal healthful beverage sold in the premium cold case that can be enjoyed by the entire family from grandparents to children without explaining what is or why they should drink it. “In creating an authentic brand we left out exotic sourcing, unfamiliar ingredients, and unsubstantiated claims. It’s lemonade!“ Aiza adds. Sweet’tauk, the next generation of lemonade, is available in a variety of flavors. For more information about Sweet’tauk, visit

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