Tantra Erotic Drink

by Top Products trade GmbH

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

TANTRA erotic/exotic is a classic, refreshing drink. TANTRA erotic/exotic stimulates and refreshs you always and restores used-up energy. It increases physical performance and mental alertness and it reduces stress recovery periods. TANTRA erotic/exotic stimulates metabolism, blood circulation and the nervous system. TANTRA erotic/exotic is a drink for all situations in the daily life. The product offers great refreshing taste and is designed to revive body and mind especially during stressing times and after high activity level. TANTRA erotic/exotic have all ingredients which an excellent erotic drink must have, and is famous for it's smooth taste. It brings you the tantra effect. It is the drink for all kinds of parties, sport events, discos, bars and nightclubs.