The Living Apothecary

by The Living Apothecary

Visit us: Sundays 9am-1pm Temescal Urban Village Farmers' Market

Official Brand Overview

The Living Apothecary is a healthy beverage co dedicated to bringing health & nourishment to our community through delicious, forward thinking beverages. At The Living Apothecary, an Oakland based small business, we strive to make superior, sustainable products that properly feed the body and soul. From our inventive kefir water tea tonic line (using dairy free, probiotic packed kefir water), to our decadent organic nut milks, we are constantly trying to enliven the palette, encourage holistic and nutritional health while supporting our community of small businesses. We are dedicated to using only glass and 100% compostable materials as we not only love our community, we love the beautiful surroundings that allow us to thrive. We aim to inspire, connect and spread positivity.

Current product lineup