Official Brand Overview

I started Total Happiness Naturals to bring the healthful fruits and botanicals of Southeast Asia to the United States. In Southeast Asia, Gac Fruit also known as the “fruit from heaven” and Centella, the “fountain of youth” are two revitalizing foods that are part of our healthy, plant-based diet, yet are virtually unknown in America. Total Happiness Naturals is my opportunity to share these treasures with you. Utilizing the world’s most advanced technologies, we introduce some of Southeast Asia’s most valuable botanicals. My passion for bringing health and well-being to others began when I chose to change the fact that there was no fresh milk available in my home of Hanoi, Vietnam. By establishing farms in the countryside on the outskirts of Hanoi, I am working to make fresh milk available to every child in Vietnam. Our bodies will be good to us if we nourish them with the nutrients and vitamins that they crave. Gac Fruit can provide some of those vital nutrients, including antioxidants, Lycopene and Beta-Carotene. Centella cools down your inner heat. Whether you’re looking for protein power, energy, a vision boost, a relaxation or heart health support, Total Happiness Naturals’ beverages can provide you with those benefits in just a few sips. Here’s to good health, because I believe that leads to total happiness.

Current product lineup