Unknown Dred

by Real Soda in Real Bottles, Ltd.

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Unknown Dred Road Rage Red Formula No. 53 is its namesake. It is the perfect blend of high energy with great taste. The Unknown Dred isn't really so unknown if you are a Hollywood movie star because he's been delivering to celebrities' homes for the past ten years. The name "unknown dred" is the name the inventor himself gave to the incense that he makes which has a label with his picture on it. He has been a Real Soda driver for the past decade and he is surely one of the most loyal and dedicated workers around. As Real Soda has a thousand glass-bottled sodas, the Unknown Dred has developed quite a taste for what he likes; and the sometimes late-night deliveries in the summer have made him an avid enthusiast of bottled energy drinks. One of the things he had always said was how he liked some soda so much but that it didn't have any 'punch'; and the energy drinks that had the right punch didn't have the right taste. One day the Real Soda guys were working on some new formulas and it was decided that the Unknown Dred should have his own drink with his favorite flavor and the right punch; as a surprise present for his 53rd birthday. So he was asked to sample a bunch of prototypes and give his impressions and recommendations. When he finally said that it was perfect, little did he know that a label was already being designed with pictures that he had taken of himself which would adorn bottles of the drink that he had invented. When the Unknown Dred turned 53 he was handed the final prototype with the label and upon his approval production was started. The Unknown Dred's recommendation for an early morning jumpstart?? -- drink two Red Dreds, back to back!