Victoria's Kitchen: Sweet Almond Water Licorice/Mint

by Victorias Kitchen LLC

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Water: Enhanced


16oz Glass

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Review: Sweet Almond Water Licorice/Mint

Posted: Feb 14, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Oct 31, 2013 at 10:47 AM)
Of the two new additions to the Almond Water lineup, this was our preferred flavor. The addition of licorice and mint give the product some extra depth, albeit on top of a very similar flavor profile as their flagship flavor. But it delivers as promised, with notes of almond, licorice, and mint all being distinguishable from the mix. The use of cane sugar (28g per bottle) gives the product a mild to moderate amount of sweetness. Our biggest issue with what they’ve done is that we don’t think it necessarily expands their market as you still have to like almond water in order to enjoy this variety. Visually, they’ve stuck with the classic look that they designed for the original flavor, but a small image of licorice and mint has been added to the lower right. While it looks nice, it doesn’t have a very strong shelf presence. In addition, we think they need to add more differentiation between the flavors. Clearly, they can’t really change the color of the liquid to match the flavors, so adding some more color or at least larger flavor names would be a step in the right direction. Perhaps some color behind the logo (inside the oval) or a background on the label would be the place to start. Overall, a nice addition to the line, but we wish that it helped broaden the consumer base more.