Wai Koko

by Wai Koko Beverage Company, LLC

Official Brand Overview

Legend has it that the Polynesians were guided by the heavens to navigate the vast expanses of the ocean, often journeying thousands of miles. Keeping properly hydrated was essential for them to maintain peak physical and mental performances during these demanding journeys. In fact, for thousands of years natural coconut water has been mother natures "sports drink" of choice - enjoyed throughout the Pacific islands, Carribean, Southeast Asia, and South America. Now you too can have daily access to the hydrating water that contains all five electrolytes - Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium. These are essential in helping your body rehydrate quickly and safely. We invite you to enjoy Wai Koko and wish you well on your journey, wherever it takes you...... ALOOOOOHA!!!!! We all know great things are worth waiting for right??? Well we are pleased to anounce that Wai Koko is coming to Hawaii in October!!!!! Keep an eye out for us at your local supermarket or convenience store!!! Next stop California!!!! Mahalo Nui Loa!!!

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