Official Brand Overview

Wateroos is the nation's first and only family of water-filled drink boxes designed to make water fun for kids to drink. All Wateroos drinks have NO sugar, artificial ingredients or sweeteners, and NO calories, offering Moms a healthier alternative to sugar-laden juices and sodas for their children. Packaged in convenient aseptic 8 oz drink boxes, each colorful box features a different water-loving "Wateroo-ligan" character and sports educational games and puzzles on the box back. Wateroos is available in four natural flavors: Original (unflavored) Wateroos, All-Natural Apple, All-Natural Grape, and All-Natural Berry flavored waters. A convenient, disposable way for busy families to bring water on-the-go, Wateroos is the choice that makes everyone happy. Sip smarter. Drink water.

Current product lineup