Official Brand Overview

In November 2008, Whynatte Enterprises launched the Whynatte Latte, an 8oz ready-to-drink premium latte with energy ingredients. Initially launched in the Atlanta market, the Whynatte Latte is now carried in New York, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, and Ohio. The Whynatte Latte was created initially as nothing more than an inside joke between friends. A few friends, now the managing partners of Whynatte Enterprises, created a new cocktail that they called the "Whynatte". At the time, the Whynatte was a cocktail that was made using a hot latte mixed with a cold shot of Jagermeister. The Whynatte cocktail started to gain popularity at bars in Atlanta, and developed a strong grassroots following. The guys behind the Whynatte cocktail grew the Whynatte brand, and started to develop a market for coffee used as a mixer in bars and clubs. Prior to even launching a product, the Whynatte was written up in Rolling Stone Magazine. Eventually, it got to the point where they were making gallons of latte in their home, and delivering it to bars in Atlanta for use as a mixer. They eventually hit a critical mass, where they could no longer make enough latte to keep up with demand, and started to explore the possibility of creating their own coffee beverage. That was two years ago. Fast forward to November 2008, and Whynatte Enterprises launches the Whynatte Latte to the Atlanta market. Consumers snatch up the Whynatte Latte, and both on-premise and off-premise distribution quickly expands. The Whynatte Latte is now carried in over 175 locations in Atlanta. That's the short version.

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