by Xiomega 3, LLC

Official Brand Overview

Xiomega3, is a vertically integrated Mexican company that develops Chia Seed based products (Different types of Seeds, Chia Oil Softgels in different formulas, Nutritional Bar), and brings you all the benefits of the Chia to help you achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle. From the field to your table, our all natural products are developed with the highest quality to bring you a convenient and easy way to enjoy the amazing benefits of Chia Seed. Xiomega3 Chia Water is the first and only Chia Water in the market, we offer a truly refreshing experience plus all the benefits of the Chia Seeds without having them inside the bottle. This allow the product to be the perfect snack during the day or a healthy thirst quencher after doing excersise or during lunch time. Main benefits: - All Natural - 320 mg of Omega 3 - Antioxidants - Fiber - Calcium - No preservatives

Current product lineup