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Zenmaster sodas are the first in the US marketplace of their kind. Containing only the finest, handcrafted ingredients and supplying 200 mg's of Suntheanine (amino acid L-Theanine) per serving, these beverages are not only delicious but are good for you as well! By stimulating the production of Alpha brain waves and decreasing Beta brain wave production, Zenmaster® helps promote an alert state of relaxation, without drowsiness, similar to what is achieved through deep meditation. It is known that for century's, Zen monks have consumed concoctions of Matcha green tea, rich in L-Theanine, prior to meditation to help induce a state of mental clarity. Zenmaster® is designed to provide these same benefits. In fact, one would have to consume up to 20 cups of green tea to enjoy the same levels of L-Theanine.Our goal is to help provide the world with inner peace and tranquility, one bottle at a time. All flavors of Zenmaster® have been developed through deep consideration and only the finest, natural ingredients have been used. Packaged in 12 ounce glass bottles, Zenmaster® provides a clean, refreshing flavor, everytime!

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