Beverage School


Inquisitive. Dedicated. Strategic. Bonafide Visual Virtuoso.

Like Becky, I’ve worn many hats: Photographer, graphic designer, fervent goalkeeper, and Birkenstock fan.

I grew up outside of Houston, Texas, where the unique beauty and qualities of the people, the landscape, and the culture still fascinate me today. I get much of my visual inspiration from the wide-open spaces of the Midwest and four-legged friends.

I majored in Photography at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, while I was on a full scholarship for soccer — my days were filled with the perfect mix of art and sports (and cold beer) — what could be better?

After college, I moved to San Diego to assist a well-known photographer. My job required photography skills and grew into an increasing percentage of graphic design tasks over time. With eight years of experience in both photography and design under my belt, I set out on my own.

I love the work I do, and I love our clients — Becky says that I bring a different design perspective to Bex Brands that elevates our work to the level of quality and creativity that we are known for. And if she says so, I’m not going to argue with her!

When I am not creating amazing brand visuals and messages with Becky, I am cheering on the Chargers or the Padres. When you are in the neighborhood, stop by the office and I’d be happy to break for a brew.