Beverage School


Joyce Longfield - The new kid on the block in the beverage industry. Coming into my second year in the beverage industry, and my third year in the High Pressure Processing industry. As new as I may be to these industries, I am a veteran in the field of science. I passionately pursued  an education in Plant Science, starting with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at the University of Guelph, followed by a Masters of Science in Molecular Biology at the University of Toronto. All through my education I have been dedicated to a nutritious lifestyle. As part of this lifestyle I have studied the biochemistry of food and how it pertains to our health and physical fitness. My background is a natural fit for the HPP food and beverage industry.
Upon working with food manufacturers using HPP I initially focused on the regulatory requirements for the USDA, FDA and Health Canada. This includes designing appropriate microbial challenge studies for validating the efficacy of HPP. This validation process is to ensure that a 5 log reduction of pertinent pathogens is met with a specific HPP treatment.  My second area of HPP expertise involves product development. Early on  I was exposed to using HPP with Ready-To-Eat food products. In the last year I have expand my HPP product development into the beverage sector and had the pleasure to work with a variety of companies manufacturing HPP beverages such as cold pressed juices and coconut water.