BevNET Live Summer 2012

New York, NY
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Beginning today, video coverage of BevNET Live Summer 2012 will be available on, BevNET's on-demand video learning site. For a nominal subscription fee, you can watch videos of speakers, panels, and discussions from BevNET Live Summer 2012, as well as hundreds of other educational videos featured on covering a wide range of vital and relevant topics, including packaging, financing strategies, legal considerations, and branding.

BevNET Live Summer 2012 Photo Gallery and Video Tour of Expo

Engulfing New York City's Metropolitan Pavilion with over 500 beverage entrepreneurs, suppliers, retailers, distributors, BevNET Live featured a whirlwind of education, networking, and growth opportunities in its biggest show to date. With some of the beverage industry's best taking the stage as well as an industry expo packed with flavor houses, packaging suppliers, and bottlers, BevNET Live offered attendees a wide range of ways to learn how to grow and develop their businesses.

BevNET Live: VEB’s Insights from Illy Issimo

BevNET Live will feature a June 5 presentation from VEB's Tom Larsen on the organizational strategy behind the growth of Illy Issimo, a brand developed in partnership with Illycaffe, an international coffee company based in Trieste, Italy.

BevNET Live: Build Your Category with Rampolla, Martin, Fox and Steele

Launching entrepreneurial brands often means more than just building a new beverage -- it also means helping create a whole new category and introducing it to new retail channels as well. That's a challenge entrepreneurs understand, but they can only carry things forward a certain distance on their own -- beyond that, they must rely on other links in the retailing chain.

BevNET Live: Grow Your Marketing Presence with Bill Weiland

BevNET Live will feature a highly original presentation on new product introduction, marketing, and merchandising, courtesy of Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence founder and CEO Bill Weiland.

BevNET Live: Only 10 Seats Remain for Our June 4 & 5 Conference in NYC! Register Now.

BevNET Live Summer 12 has only 10 seats remaining until the event is sold out. If you are planning on joining us on June 4 & 5, time is running out. Register now and join us for what will be two amazing days of learning, networking, and new ideas. Click the link below to register. …

Fewer than 20 Seats Remain; Join the 400+ Already Registered for BevNET Live

BevNET Live Summer 12 is just about sold out — only a handful of seats remain and we expect the event to be sold very soon. If you are interested in attending, register now . We have a great program and over 400+ people attending from all aspects of the industry. Don’t miss out! Register Now for BevNET Live Summer 12 >> …

BevNET Live Breakout Sessions: Avoid Civil Suits, Start Small to Grow Fast, Harness International Brands

BevNET Live attendees will hear from experts in sales, law, and brand-building during a series of breakout sessions held on Monday, June 4. 2:20 – Think Small to Grow Fast: Inside Micro-Marketing 3:20 – Civil Suits: Awareness and Avoidance 4:20 – Foreign Properties, Domestic Brands

BevNET Live: Check out these Sponsors and Exhibitors

BevNET Live doesn’t only attract hundreds of attendees to learn and network, it also offers best-in-class sponsors, suppliers, and vendors who are prepared to introduce show attendees to high-quality innovations. BevNET Live attendees will be able to visit and learn from sponsors throughout the course of the two-day event, and they will also have the opportunity for in-depth discussion with sponsors and vendors during the Tabletop Expo from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Monday, June 4.

BevNET Live: Fewer Than 40 Seats Remain!

With fewer than 40 seats remaining, BevNET Live Summer 12 is almost sold out! If you are interested in attending BevNET Live Summer 12 on June 4 & 5 in New York City, register now . Our program, which features executives from leading beverage companies, investors, distributors, retailers, and more ( full program ), is sure to help you grow your business. Plus, we’re featuring …

BevNET Live is Only 3 Weeks Away; Register Now

BevNET Live Summer 12, which is being held in NYC at the Metropolitan Pavilion, is only three weeks away — and space is rapidly filling up. Register now and join us (as well as over 100 beverage companies, 25 distributors, investors, and suppliers).…

BevNET Live Financial Panels: Angels and Deals

BevNET Live attendees will receive guidance on financial matters large and small during the upcoming event, taking place in NYC on June 4-5. Companies interested in locating the capital that will enable them to prove out their innovative concepts will not want to miss the unique panel on Angel Investment taking place on June 5. Attendees interested in transactions involving more mature beverage companies, a discussion on the Expo Stage on June 4 should provide a valuable snapshot.

Last Call: New Beverage Showdown 3 at BevNET Live – TODAY is the Deadline to Apply

Do you operate a new beverage company (meaning your brand is less than 1 year old or not yet on the market)? If so, the New Beverage Showdown 3, which takes place June 4 & 5 at BevNET Live Summer 12 in NYC, is a one of a kind chance to get your brand in front of the industry (plus win $10,000 in cash and prizes). However, time is running out -- Today, May 11, is the deadline for applying.

BevNET Live: Look Under the Hood with CEOs of Zevia, Cheribundi, Aquahydrate

From Red Bull to Honest Tea, some of the most spectacular recent beverage industry successes have evolved from outside the industry. Entrepreneurs, it can be said, are great at getting products off the ground in nontraditional ways. But the effort required to launch an innovative new product can also leave a company on uncertain footing when traditional market realities take hold.

BevNET Live is Only 30 Days Away; Join the 300+ Already Registered for our June 4 & 5 Event

The time is almost here. In just 30 days -- on Monday, June 4 and Tuesday, June 5 -- BevNET Live Summer 12 will be taking place in New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion. With over 300 people already registered, including beverage companies, investors, distributors, retailers, suppliers, and media, the event is rapidly taking shape. In addition to the amazing lineup of speakers that we've put together, BevNET Live offers unparalleled networking, the BevNET Live Expo, and the New Beverage Showdown 3. Reserve your seat today before space runs out.

BevNET Live New Beverage Showdown 3: Six Companies Chosen to Compete in Wild Card Round — Six More to Go

With a little more than a month to go before the big event, the stage has been set for half of the companies to compete in the "Wild Card Round" of the New Beverage Showdown at BevNET Live. So far, six of the twelve companies have been selected (and will be contacted today); six more are up for grabs. Interested? Read more and apply now.

BevNET Live Summer 12 – Sampling Bar Signup Now Open

Sign up for the Sampling Bar at BevNET Live Summer 12 is now open. What is the Sampling Bar? It’s a free opportunity for attendees of BevNET Live to have their drink included in the coolers that are made available (on both days of the event) to attendees of the event. Why would you want to do this? Easy — BevNET Live’s attendees include distributors, …

New for BevNET Live: The Expo Stage Offers Focused Content, Fun, and Audience Voting

BevNET Live attendees will have an opportunity to stretch their legs during the afternoon of Monday, June 4, and they’ll also have a chance to stretch their idea of what a beverage conference can be through their experience with the BevNET Live Expo Stage. Designed to offer information and entertainment in a concise format, the Expo Stage offers a series of engaging discussions, presentations, and a series of “elevator pitches” that will offer a chance for the audience to choose two brands that will take part in the New Beverage Showdown the following day.

Rohan Oza, Former Glaceau Vitaminwater CMO, To Be Featured at BevNET Live

BevNET is delighted to announce that Rohan Oza will deliver a keynote presentation on Tuesday, June 5 as part of BevNET Live in Manhattan. Oza’s high-energy presentation will focus on how beverage entrepreneurs can deploy creative disruption as a technique to build their lifestyle brands. Oza will offer insights into the key cultural trends that are affecting beverage marketing and product development and offer methods for the BevNET Live audience to formulate strategy around those trends.

BevNET Live Summer 14: Directions & Parking Information

BevNET Live Sumer 14 will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, NY on May 14th and 15th. To make your travel easier, we have prepared the following list of parking locations as well as driving and subway directions: PARKING LOCATIONS • On 18th Street 152 West 18th Street 142 West 18th Street • Central Parking 180 West 20th Street P: 646.638.0695 • …