What's In a Name

“Change? We fear change.”
Those words, spoken by the brilliant philosopher-poet Garth Algar – okay, the brilliant fictional character Garth Algar, of Wayne’s World fame – provide a solid assessment of how most old-line businesses feel about having to alter their way of doing business.

But our new cover lines reflect the fact that here at BevNET Innovation – neé BevNET IBQ – we do not. Because a change – particularly a name change – is nothing to fear.

Name changes, in fact, often reflect celebration. After all, they take place at weddings. And they can signal a move from one period of growth to the next: the change in what you call your kids, for example, from child to teen-ager. The change for insects, from eggs to larvae to pupae.

Our new name, BevNET Innovation, signals both celebration and growth. By shedding the acronym IBQ, we’re signaling not just our move from four to six issues annually, but also our growth as a beverage news organization, with new employees and new capabilities. As an example of that growth, we have added a brand-new web site, www.bevnet.com/innovation, to host and enhance the content of this magazine with special, web-only content and forums.

With the site, you’ll see new opportunities to interact with the news and newsmakers as well as the suppliers and service providers we cover. You’ll have the opportunity to communicate and brainstorm with your community.

But just as we’re signaling a new phase of growth, we’re also celebrating. We’re delighted with our new ability to reach you more often, to shed our old skin and evolve into a product that, with our new capabilities, you’ll enjoy even more.

Furthermore, we think the change reflects our core mission, to help beverage makers think about ways they can generate new products and improve existing ones. Because in showing we don’t fear change, we hope that we serve as an example that the beverage industry shouldn’t, either. Innovation, by definition, cannot happen without change. While we know it doesn’t always work the other way – not every change is an innovation – we are excited at the prospect of helping fuel changes that will be as positive for your business as we believe our own evolution will be for us.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is our interest in hearing from you. So let us know how we’re doing, what you think about what we’re doing, and most importantly, what we can do for you.