Brand News

CocoKefir LLC’s owners recently reported that they signed an agreement with a national grocery distributor to distribute the company’s coconut water products in the majority of the United States beginning in early 2012. CocoKefir products are gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, fat-free, and low-calorie.

Code Blue has been relaunched and reformulated as a cross-functional beverage that combines the performance benefits of a sports drink with the health benefits of an enhanced water. CodeBlue contains zero calories and all-natural ingredients. CodeBlue is available in four flavors: Strawberry Melon, Blueberry Pomegranate, Peach Mandarin and Meyer Lemon.

mix1 has launched new Chocolate and Vanilla flavors to its line of all-natural protein shakes. mix1 products contain all-natural ingredients including whey protein isolate, carbohydrates, antioxidants, soluble fiber and healthy fat. All 11 flavors of mix1 are free of lactose, gluten, soy, and caffeine.

Market Connections Group, LLC. Amy & Brian All-Natural Coconut Juice is made from the water of young coconuts and contains no added sugar or artificial additives. Amy & Brian products are nationally distributed and sold in a number of retailers including Whole Foods, Fresh Markets, Kroger, and

Hangover Joe’s Products, JV. “The Hangover” Recovery Shot is an official licensed product for the movie “The Hangover,” and has recently gained placement in 3,000 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Double D Beverage Company. GOOD4U System Reload is a recovery drink designed to address three issues: muscle and joint fatigue, muscle and joint damage, and support for the immune system. The product contains glutamine, ginseng extract, magnesium, milk thistle extract, vitamin D3, and B vitamins.

NVE Pharmaceuticals’ Stacker2 Vitamin Shot Hangover Helper delivers essential vitamins in a 2 oz. shot and has no sugar or calories. The shot contains milk thistle seed extract, green tea, ginger root, niacin, and taurine.

HerbaSway Laboratories. Herbasway partnered with “The Hangover Part II,” the sequel to the 2009 blockbuster, to introduce specially marked packaging that showcases the movie’s logo and release date on bottles and display boxes of its Last Round hangover shot. Last Round contains a combination of all-natural herbal extracts including kudzu, stevia, green tea, and licorice.

Cheerz USA, whose products include the well-established Intellishots and Intellitabs, continues to grow its brand, sales and its distribution footprint worldwide, according to its owners. Cheerz’ ingredients assisting the body in metabolizing acetaldehyde, a toxic chemical produced as the body breaks down and eliminates alcohol. Additional ingredients, including well-known antioxidants and vitamins, also assist in the prevention of hangover symptoms. Cheerz products are distributed at select bars and retail and convenience stores in Nevada, Oregon, and Missouri.

Afterglow Beverage Company, Inc. will roll out a national marketing campaign for its Hangover Gone Deterrent & Detox shot in the first quarter of 2012. The campaign will coincide with the announcement of national availability for the product and will consist of multiple 30-second video spots for TV and web, a new website for the campaign, as well as social media integration and street team promotion.

Amara Beverage Company has announced the rebranding of Lush Recovery to Amara Recovery Drink. The beverage is now packaged in new ultra-violet glowing cans. Amara contains N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), B vitamins, electrolytes, and Maqui berry extract, and is sweetened with organic agave syrup. The drink is also carbonated and caffeinated.

NEU Industries Inc. Mercy is a new, caffeine-free and naturally flavored functional beverage that helps to prevent hangovers. Mercy contains a custom blend of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Mercy recently signed a distribution agreement with Big Blue Distribution and Mondrian Hotels. The product is now distributed in New York City, South Florida, Austin, and San Francisco.

Security Beverages Company, Inc. has continued the U.S. roll-out of Security Feel Better with distribution into 70 Discount Drug Mart stores in Ohio. Security Feel Better will also be available at Walgreens stores in South Florida beginning in the first quarter of 2012. In conjunction with new distribution, Security has introduced a new 12-pack point-of-purchase display box.

Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water is the country’s only ready-to-drink raw coconut water in the U.S. The product is never heated, and contains no caramelized-by-heat sugars, broken-down nutrient chains, filters, ascorbic acid, or other acidifying natural flavors.

Party Armor secured distribution with Fabiano Brothers, one of the largest beer and wine distributors in the Midwest, as well as Badger Liquor, the largest liquor distributor in Wisconsin. Party Armor is currently working on expanding its distribution footprint on a national level. Party Armor will kick off 2012 as the main sponsor of a three-week, all-inclusive Spring Break Event in Cancun, Mexico, and sponsor the kick-off party at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas this March.

GTOX the Hangover Blocker is set to launch a series of promotions with NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman extending through Bar and Nightclub Show in Las Vegas this March.

NOHO – The Hangover Defense is now available in Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and Australia.