Spotlight Category: Energy Drinks

Not bad for a couple of Zeroes: Red Bull Total Zero is showing $88 million in sales in tracked IRI channels in about FIVE MONTHS. Monster Absolute Zero has been on the market for a slightly longer period of time, and is already up to about $29 million. It would appear there had been some heretofore unrealized demand with regard to sugar-free energy drinks, wouldn’t it? Apparently, some of the share is coming out of Rockstar Zero Carb, which slid back a bit. Another Zero calorie brand, Xyience, seems unfazed, continuing strong and steady growth, while Amp slid as cans are swapped out for restaging. All in all, though, energy is chugging along – up to $7.2 billion sans Walmart and a few other key chains. Can anyone say $10 billion category?