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Coffee Concentration

SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide)

52 Weeks through 5/15/16


A look across three different coffee classifications yields some pretty interesting data with regard to entrepreneurial businesses: First of all, High Brew is really taking off in the ambient RTD segment, at $6 million and way, way up from the previous year. The volume pipeline is opening here. Meanwhile, it’s closing, sadly, for Coco Cafe, which has been in a tailspin over the past two years. Refrigeration changes the game, and it’s where we see other entrepreneurial brands taking off: Chameleon Cold Brew is up at around $5 million between concentrate and RTD formats, while Califia is close to $14 million. Also climbing are Stumptown and Blue Bottle – but the biggest winner is still Starbucks, which continues to set or outpace the category even as it leads in share. It’s a good time to be a coffee supplier.