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SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide)

52 Weeks through 7/10/16

Soda might be on the wane, but a look across three categories that feature carbonation shows that bubbles have more to them than just airy imagination. In canned juices, Kickstart might be slowing a bit, but the renewed strength of San Pellegrino’s carbonated drinks and the introduction of Bai’s Bubbles line shows that there’s strength in fizz for both legacy and new brands alike. Taken from an entire category perspective, sparkling juice brands are up across the board, even though they represent venerable products like Welch’s, Martinelli’s, Izze and Orangina. Finally, speaking of venerable, look at the way that Polar Seltzer has ridden the rising tide to become one of the five best-selling brands in the country. Also of note: Topo Chico is on the rise, while Sparkling Ice and La Croix continue to grow.

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