Publisher’s Toast: A Truly Wonderful Week

Last week was a terrific one indeed. On so many fronts, it was one to remember. On the personal side, my granddaughter turned two. There is nothing that gives me greater happiness and satisfaction than being with her. We were able to celebrate with Isabel, which made it even better. It was also the birthday of her mother, my daughter. She continues to give me joy and pride in her successes. She is an extraordinary young woman.

We also celebrated Joe Biden’s inauguration. With the swearing in of our new president, it’ll hopefully be a return to honesty, integrity and a sense that our country is going in the right direction. I hope we’ll beat the Covid 19 virus sooner than later. On that note, my wife and I got our first vaccines. It was a psychological lift to get that needle into my arm.

On the beverage front, there have been so many signs that the worst is over, and everyone is forging ahead. In the last few weeks, after months and months of it dominating discussions and its impact on everyone’s business, there was nary a mention of the Coronavirus affecting anyone’s business. Yes, the topic came up often, but not in the context of how it hurt one’s growth, but about the sadness, fear and life altering changes to our lives. We all yearn for an end to the scourge and a return to normalcy.

I have seen or have been privy to so many brands about to hit the market, or a reset of brands already out there. The activity on tap since the new year will be as strong as the previous five months. Marketers are eager to introduce their latest and greatest to the marketplace. Investments are finally coming to brands after such a long wait-and-see period. One way I measure the actions is a positive one for me and BevNET. Advertisers are now coming back to the pre-pandemic levels. Budgets and plans that were delayed or cut are now back on the agenda. It’s a true, and happy, measure for me that everyone is excited to conduct business. It’s as it should be.

This is a great start to a year that has an opportunity to restart the American Dream and return us to our prior way of life. I couldn’t be happier.