Spend Your Cold, Hard Caps at Snapple.com

New York, NY, June, 2003 – What do a “Saved by the Bell” t-shirt, a yellow 1959 Cadillac, and a Nintendo Game CubeT have in common? Just about nothing, except for the fact that these great items plus many, many more are available at Snapple’s online Yard Sale. This spring and summer, Snapple has created a Yard Sale promotion that allows you to bid on everything from your very own Snapple bowling ball to a foosball table. Leave your wallets and worries behind, but remember to drink plenty of Snapple – the only currency accepted at Snapple’s Yard Sale are caps!

@@img1 “The Snapple Yard Sale is all about collecting caps, selecting funky stuff, and most important, having fun,” says Maura Mottolese, Vice President, Snapple Marketing. “And the best part is that everyone’s a winner – our thousands of items cost from as little as five Snapple caps to as many as ten thousand Snapple caps, which means there’s a little something for everyone at Snapple’s Yard Sale.”

Instead of using dollars, consumers use special Snapple Yard Sale bottle caps as currency. Most importantly, Snapple has kept the Yard Sale authentic by allowing consumers to haggle the best possible deal on their favorite items. Consumers are encouraged to enter bids lower than the asking price, but buyer beware – enter a bid that’s too low and you may get a cranky Yard Sale host’s reply.

Over 300 million bottles of Snapple will include promotional Yard Sale caps, as this cap collecting frenzy sweeps the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, and certain countries within the Caribbean, from April to November, in true Snapple style!

“With help from our partners like Nintendo, Hasbro and Zingy, there are great items you won’t find anywhere other than Snapple’s Yard Sale,” added Mottolese. The long list of items includes a GameBoyT Advance SP, Hasbro LITE-BRITE sets, a Piaggio scooter, and more. There are also unique Snapple items for true die-hard fans like Snapple shower curtains, and custom playing cards with poker chips.

As an added bonus, people will be able to enter a special “Caps Can’t Buy Sweepstakes” at Snapple’s Yard Sale. This incredible sweepstakes includes dream prizes from partners like MTV, VH1, TNN, Nintendo, and Quiksilver including a chance to visit the cast of MTV’s Real World in Paris; VIP treatment and tickets to the 2004 taping of “VH1 Divas;” an exotic trip to Tavarua Island in Fiji to watch the Quiksilver Pro, a World Championship Tour professional surfing event; and a Big Apple Broadway Show and dinner with Wendy, “The Snapple Lady”.

And what better way to show consumers what a real yard sale is like than with larger-than-life Yard Sale events planned for this summer. Snapple will be bringing a little bit of the suburbs to the middle of urban cities with a real home, loads of Yard Sale items, and tons of free Snapple.

Snapple’s integrated Yard Sale promotion from Deutsch, New York is also being brought to life in a hilarious TV commercial that is reenacted by real Snapple bottles from the personified bottle campaign. Snapple Yard Sale promotional spots will be running on Viacom’s MTV, MTV2, VH1, BET, Spike TV, Nickelodeon, Nick@Nite, College Television Network, and CMT. In addition, there will be promotional radio spots running in thirteen markets across the country.

Log on to Snapple’s Yard Sale on Snapple.com for all the details of the promotion and the sweepstakes!

The Snapple Beverage Group, a unit of Cadbury Schweppes, plc (NYSE:CSG), has a beverage brand portfolio that includes Snapple, Mistic, Orangina, Stewart’s Nantucket Nectars and Yoo-hoo.