Hip Hop Superstar Nelly Launches “Pimp Juice” Energy Drink

@@img1 St. Louis, MO – If you told music superstar Nelly that there was no room for another energy drink in the market, do you know what he would do? he would attack the beverage market with the same unstoppable drive that he has demonstrated in every other venture where he was told “no”. Just like his music career, people told him that an energy drink would never work, but as he has succeeded in music, he will succeed in this industry.

Business partners and investors hope that he can top the beverage consumer chargts with the same cross over popularity that has encouraged his music success. “There may be several drinks out there claiming to boost liveliness, but the energy drink market still provides many untapped marketing opportunities,” said Nelly.

Though Pimp Juice is the same size as most energy drink cans at 8.4 fluid ounces and contains both taurine and guarana — the main energy components, this is where the similarities end. Pimp Juice is a non-carbonated energy drink atypical to the usual soda-like energy drinks. It consists of 10 percent apple juice, with 100 percent vitamin C, B6, B12, riboflavin, niacin, and panothenic acid. The can is a sleek and shiny golf and silver, classy yet edgy with the coolest of names. The drink, itself, is bright green especially under the lights of the hottest night clubs. Its sweet yet tart flavor mixes perfectly with numerous vodkas and lends flavor to your game. With the assistance of taurine, guarana, and natural sugars, this drink will help you party all night long and give you that added edge in the game.

Industry experts believe that Nelly’s crossover appeal will carry over into the energy drink market and propel Pimp Juice to success as it has his music career. There are not many products which already have a mega celebrity endorsement and its own anthem on the music charts like Pimp Juice. Just as the song explains, PJ can be your sex appeal, it is your “Mojo”, your “It factor”. Basically,…”Pimp Juice is anything, attract the opposite sex, it could be money, fame, or straight intellect, it don’t matter! Pimp Juice is color blind; you find it work on all colors, creeds and kinds; from ages 50 right down to 9″.

Nelly is the newest musical artist looking to diversify his portfolio and conquer new entrepreneurial ventures. In addition to his successful male clothing line, Vokal, Nelly just launched his female clothing line, Apple Bottoms, with a nationwide search for the Apple Bottoms Girl. Nelly also has an innovative new member based fan-site, Nellynell.net and holds part ownership of a NASCAR team. All of this combined with his young record label, Derry Enetertainment, makes this young artist and now entrepreneur, one of the most sought after new moguls around.

Nelly is always up for a challenge. He has to be — as he is entering a category crowded with over 150 products in the US alone. Nelly is driven to make Pimp Juice successful and different. He accomplishes this through the drink’s unique design and one of a kind taste profile. The Pimp Juice team is driven by Nelly himself and overseen by Nelly’s parent company (Team Lunatics) CFO, Demetrius Denham. Pimp Juice as a brand is about energy, being positive and giving back through education so that everyone has a fair chance in not only “the game” but the game of life. Portions of the proceeds from sales go to Nelly’s nonprofit organization, 4Sho4Kids, which will give away a college scholarship each year to deserving individuals. A further step into education is that Pimp Juice will engage local colleges and students in their marketing plans and efforts.

In addition to the collaborative marketing campaigns, the company will put major resources into consumer collection and education about the product. Promotions in the works include a reality documentary and a nationwide contest targeted at college students.

Visit the web site at http://www.letitloose.com to learn more about the product and rest-assured, that Nelly will be straight pimpin’ in the energy market with Pimp Juice!