Joint Statement from The Coca-Cola Company and Matthew Whitley

Matthew Whitley and The Coca-Cola Company said today that they have settled Mr. Whitley’s disputes with the Company. Mr. Whitley has agreed to dismiss his complaints against the Company and each of the individuals named. The Company has agreed to pay him $100,000, the severance benefits to which he is entitled by virtue of his layoff (approximately $140,000), and his attorney’s fees of $300,000.

Mr. Whitley and the Company will continue to cooperate with the United States Attorney and the SEC in their respective investigations.

Mr. Whitley said: “Over the past several weeks, I have reflected on my relationship with Coca-Cola, a company I still respect and love. It’s become increasingly clear to me that the Company has taken seriously the issues I raised. That’s all I ever wanted.

“My family and I are pleased to put my differences with The Coca-Cola Company behind us and start the next chapter in our lives,” Mr. Whitley said.

Deval Patrick, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of The Coca-Cola Company, said: “Mr. Whitley was a diligent employee with a solid record. It is disappointing that he felt he needed to file a lawsuit in order to be heard.

“We want everyone in this company to bring their issues to the attention of management through appropriate channels, and every manager to take them seriously, investigate them, and make the necessary changes. That is how we become a better company,” Mr. Patrick said.

CONTACT: Sonya Soutus for The Coca-Cola Company, +1-404-676-2683; or Marc Garber for Matthew Whitley, +1-678-560-5066