Tropical Beverage Initiates Shipments of Fast Selling Oxygenated Water Essential O2

Tropical Beverage Inc. (Pink Sheets:TPBV) is proud to announce that it has begun shipping its oxygenated water Essential O2 in markets around Southern California. “We have already shipped 3 truckloads of product and are opening up new markets as we speak,” said company CFO, Chris Lotito. “The response has been tremendous, and product is moving off the shelves in the stores we have placed the product,” he added. “We are currently in negotiations with several distributors in other regions to deliver our product across the country.”

More information about Essential O2 and the benefits of oxygenated water can be found on our website at

Tropical Beverage develops and distributes value-added water-based beverages. Their extensive product line includes flavored waters, vapor distilled waters, ultra pure purified waters, micro clustered waters and waters with additives (including oxygen, caffeine, electrolytes and other enhanced minerals and vitamins). In addition to development and production, the company is in the process of further developing distribution and marketing strategies to further launch its products nationwide. In addition, Tropical Beverage continues to seek acquisitions of related companies that will enhance their product development and to build a network of subsidiaries across the nation.

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