Sprite Remixes The Flavor Again -‘New Release’ Is Berryclear

Sprite ReMix Berryclear is set to steal the show at this year’s South Padre Island spring break festivities, where the mixed berry flavored version of the popular Sprite brand will take center stage during two weeks of beach activities.

The new Sprite ReMix Berryclear release builds on last year’s popular soft drink trailblazer, Tropical Sprite ReMix. “In music, a ‘remix’ means taking the strengths of an original song and adding elements to create a new sound,” said Brad Gruen, Sprite ReMix brand manager, Coca-Cola North America. “To be true to the spirit of Sprite ReMix, we wanted to mix it up again with a new interpretation, and by adding a mixed berry flavor, the ‘remix’ is a crisp, refreshing new way for people to enjoy the great taste of Sprite.”

Sprite ReMix Berryclear will officially debut at Sprite ReMix Beach at South Padre Island beginning March 12th. For years, one of the largest Spring break venues in America has been Coca-Cola Beach in South Padre Island, Texas. This year, Coca-Cola has “mixed it up” for South Padre-bound Spring breakers with the all-new Sprite ReMix Beach at the Radisson Resort Hotel. A new look and new activities will greet estimated daily crowds of between 10,000-15,000 Spring breakers from around the country. Activities will run from 11:00am until 5:00pm daily through March 24th. The main attraction will be a multi- level beach stage featuring exciting contests, bands, giveaways and of course plenty of Sprite ReMix Berryclear.

Sprite ReMix Berryclear will hit shelves in stores across the country starting April 1st. It will be available in Sprite ReMix’s signature clear 20-ounce bottles, 12-ounce cans, multi-packs and one- and two-liter bottles. Packaging graphics for Sprite ReMix Berryclear will feature a new purple and silver accented treatment of the Sprite ReMix logo. The Sprite ReMix Berryclear launch will be supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign including sampling, promotions, radio and out of home advertising and on-line activation. The program will also build on the Sprite brand’s deep relationships with influential DJs around the U.S. through special media merchandising programs.