Nelly and Pimp Juice Reach International Markets!

St. Louis- Traditionally, other countries around the globe have been fascinated with American Pop Culture, and with Hip Hop it is no different. Music Icon Nelly is a favorite of several of our International counterparts, and most recently not only his music is making headlines! The rapid success of Nelly’s energy drink Pimp Juice has generated attention and interest due to the thought-provoking product name. The success of Pimp Juice has been so quick that International distributors are requesting to sell the 8.4 fluid ounce drink, which contains both taurine and guarana as the main energy components. Fillmore Street Brewery reports Pimp Juice is already flying off the shelves in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Islands, and Mexico, and projects the product to sell in Australia, Japan, China, and Israel by the end of June. Markets in the rest of the Far East, Europe, and the Middle East should be integrated by Fall of 2004.

Pimp Juice is a non-carbonated energy beverage that contains 10 percent apple juice, and 100 percent vitamin C, vit B6, vit B12, riboflavin, niacin, and panothenic acid. The drink itself is bright green and tastes sweet yet tart. With the assistance of ingredients taurine, guarana, and natural sugars, this drink will help you party all night long and give you that added edge in your life.

Just as its Chairman, Super Star Hip Hop Artist Nelly, shot up the charts of music success, Pimp Juice is reaching success benchmarks within the beverage industry! In its breakthrough quarter, Pimp Juice sold a million units and has been awarded the Peoples’ Choice of Best Energy Drink in the respected industry trade, BevNet, as well as being Vibe Magazine’s best energy drink. Pimp Juice is currently disseminated by 60 distributors in the United States, in 32 states and 81 markets. Complete national distribution is expected by August 2004. When asked about the competitive energy drink industry Nelly says, “There are several energy drinks in the market, but I wanted to create a unique energy drink that represents my lifestyle. I wanted a drink that is non-carbonated so I could drink large quantities during intense workouts, has a sweet, smooth taste unlike most other energy drinks, and possesses personality with its hot name and bright green color.”

But what about that name?? Just like Nelly’s popular hit song of the same name, the lyrics explain: “Pimp Juice is anything, attract. It could be money, fame or straight intellect; You find it works on all colors, creeds and kinds; From ages 50 right down to 9.” Pimp Juice is your “edge,” your “it,” or what ever it is that allows you to utilize your own talents.

Fillmore Street’s Co-President, William Wooten, says, “Fillmore Street is very excited with our current progress and predicts an even brighter future. In less than six months, we have almost locked down national distribution and have started distributing worldwide. Our internet case sales are increasing everyday, and we are about to add an online store with Pimp Juice-related merchandise for our fans. We are planning an aggressive marketing campaign for this summer to focus on branding our product through music videos, online commercials, college and music tours, and a new Point-Of-Sale push. We will be a brand that changes the game.”

Nelly will be promoting Pimp juice and his new album on tour this summer, so be on the look out when we come to your city!

Visit the website at to learn more about pimp juice, order a case, or purchase some of the hottest merchandise to hit stores this summer.