South Florida gets healthy without compromising convenience!

Boynton Beach, Florida —- Lucky Distributors, Inc., a South Florida distributor pushes forward with a new angle for the beverage industry to meet the demand for the health craze.

In the past the only place a consumer could find a healthy beverage was in a health food store. The health conscious consumer had to plan ahead if he or she wanted a drink to comply with their diet. With the Healthy Alternatives concept, Lucky Distributors plans to make healthy beverages available without compromising convenience.

Today’s consumer is confused by all the different products in the cold box. Is it low carb? How much sugar does it have? Which sugar is good? Are there any preservatives? Stop confusing the people! Is it healthy or not?

Lucky Distributors is creating a new section, helping the consumer make a more healthful decision from the cold box at their local convenience store or cafe. “We look to build a certain comfort level and confidence, much like that of Whole Foods Market. They’ve done a phenomenal job, making me feel that every selection from there store, is a healthy one. That is our intention for our consumers when they choose a product out of the Healthy Alternatives section, said Jason McCobb Co-founder.

Lucky has developed Point of Sale material to help the retailer easily identify this new and much needed section so his customers can locate it with ease from anywhere in the store. “This campaign helps everybody from the supplier all the way down to the consumer, everybody saves time and money,” said Jason McCobb. “Instead of throwing these new healthy drinks on the shelf to compete with well known brands, we want to make our brands easily identifiable to avoid them from getting lost in the mix.”

Currently Lucky Distributors carries product lines from The Switch and Le-Nature. “The Switch is a known Healthy Alternative to the CSD category and continues to do well for us down here,” says Bob Bridgham Co-founder. Lucky has just brought in the Le-Nature lines of teas and water which are fully pasteurized without use of preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. “Not only are Le-Natures teas better for your waist line, with 1/3 fewer carbohydrates than most, but it is one of the first teas that we have found that does not compromise taste when brewing,” said Bob Bridgham.

For questions or inquiries on distribution through the Healthy Alternatives campaign, please send product samples and information to:
Lucky Distributors, Inc.
7 Beckley Place
Boynton Beach, FL 33426